Unmasking, Exposing, and Confronting: Critical Race Theory, Tribal Critical Race Theory and Multicultural Education

Jeanette Haynes Writer


Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Tribal Critical Race Theory (TribalCrit) offer the possibility of unmasking, exposing, and confronting continued colonization within educational contexts and societal structures, thus, transforming those contexts and structures for Indigenous People. Utilizing CRT and TribalCrit to support and inform “Multicultural Education as social justice,” we rid ourselves, our educational institutions, and ultimately the larger society from the “food, fun, festivals, and foolishness” form of Multicultural Education that maintains or propagates colonization.


multicultural, multicultural teacher education; Critical Race Theory; Tribal Critical Race Theory; social justice

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18251/ijme.v10i2.137

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